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Why is treating small airways inflammation important?

·    Small airways make up more than 98% of the lung. 1

·    In children, uncontrolled or untreated small airway
     inflammation is related to permanent damage to the lung
     and irreversible loss of lung function. 2,3

Small airway inflammation is associated with: 2-4

·    Irreversible loss of lung function

·    Nocturnal asthma

·    Allergy induced asthma

·    Exercise induced asthma

·    Difficult to control asthma

·    Repeated asthma exacerbations

Only QVAR is small enough to reach and treat inflammation in the small airways. NONE of the other available asthma inhalers in New Zealand treat small airways inflammation.

An extrafine asthma preventer inhaler like QVAR is also a great option for kids,
as you can use a lower dose of medicine (corticosteroid) to control their asthma.5


QVAR is approved for kids as young as five years and up, and can be taken by adults as well.

To help you make sure your child is using their QVAR inhaler properly, the KIDS AND QVAR Patient Brochure (Download PDF here) gives instructions on how to take a dose.

If your child has been prescribed QVAR, be sure to carefully follow the instructions provided by your healthcare provider:

  • Children are generally prescribed one or two puffs of QVAR, twice daily.
  • An easy way to make sure your child remembers to take QVAR twice a day is to take QVAR before they brush their teeth. That way it becomes a part of their daily routine.
  • Once your child is stable and well controlled, healthcare professionals may decide to titrate down to the lowest does that provides effective asthma control.

Your child should use their asthma preventer inhaler every day, even when not experiencing symptoms.

References: 1. van den Berg M et al. Allergy 2013;68:16-26 2. Bjermer L. Curr Opin Pulm Med 2014;20:23-30. 3. Hirota N & Martin JG. Chest 2013 Sep;144(3):1026-32. 4. van der Wiel E et al. J Allergy Clin Immunol 2013;131:646-57. 5. Qvar Datasheet.

QVAR 50 Inhaler and QVAR 100 Inhaler are prescription medicines containing beclomethasone dipropionate 50 micrograms and 100 micrograms per dose. QVAR is used to reduce inflammation in the lungs and prevent asthma attacks. QVAR has risk and benefits. Consumer Medicine Information can be obtained from www.medsafe.govt.nz  Ask your doctor if QVAR is right for you. Always use strictly as directed. If symptoms continue or you have side effects see your healthcare professional. QVAR is a fully funded Prescription Medicine. Normal doctor’s charges apply. Distributed in New Zealand by Radiant Health Ltd, Auckland. TAPS PP8067.